Kingdom Hearts III - 5 Things You Should Know

What you should know about Kingdom Hearts III

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Jan 2019

Kingdom Hearts III has been in development for more than a decade and the game is now set to release this month. With that, there are some things you should know about this long-awaited title releases. Here are 5 things you should know about Kingdom Hearts III.

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5. Kingdom Hearts III is a Sequel to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Summarizing the entire Kingdom Hearts series would take a long time but those who want to play the most current game will have to play Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. While it doesn't have a number to it Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is the sequel to Kingdom Hearts II and serves as the bridge to Kingdom Hearts III. 

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4. Guardians of Light and Darkness

While you'll need to do some extensive research to understand what's happening in Kingdom Hearts here's the summary of the main goal in Kingdom Hearts III. Sora and his friends are looking for the 7 guardians of light to face off against Master Xehanort and Organization XIII who represent darkness. Master Xehanort has been instrumental in the havoc caused during the Kingdom Hearts series and Sora and King Mickey are seeking to put a stop to the Master Keyblade warrior.

Those who dive into Kingdom Hearts III won't be at a terrible disadvantage story wise. In an interview with  VG247, director Tetsuya Nomura stated that there will be cutscenes that explain the important details of the story. This could mean long cutscenes, as the series is known for having extensive cinematics, but it'll definitely be a welcomed addition for newcomers.

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3. Much More Flash and Activity

The combat system of Kingdom Hearts has been one of the most praised mechanics in the franchise and Kingdom Hearts III is no different. Building on Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance players will have access to several transformations and Keyblade abilities unique to Kingdom Hearts III. The most helpful being able to switch between Keyblade Chains on the fly.

A modified version of Flow Motion called Atheltic Flow that allows Sora to wall run and combined into Link Attacks will be present and easy to control. These unique attacks can be combined with Sora's allies for special attacks like Big Thunder Mountain from Disney World. Sora can take this further with Keyblade transformations. These attacks allow Sora to transform his Keyblade into hammers, pistols, and more after completing a level and can be combined with Drive modes.

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2. DLC Confirmed

Kingdom Hearts III will have DLC but not a season pass. Instead, DLC will be released on a purchase basis and it's unknown what these packs will include. Normua has stated the content will build on the world so it's likely we'll get things similar to the Cavern of Remembrance from Kingdom Hearts II.

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1. Bigger Party

In past Kingdom Hearts games, you were limited to 2 party members. When visiting a new world you had to remove either Donald or Goofy to make room for the guest character, not in Kingdom Hearts III. Players can bring the guest characters with them but don't expect an easier experience. It's likely the developers took the time to balance this addition with harder enemies.

Kingdom Hearts III launches on Xbox One and PS4 this January 29th.

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