Kingdom Hearts III - All Flantastic Locations

Locate all the Flantastic Heartless in Kingdom Hearts III

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Feb 2019

Kingdom Hearts III houses a lot of minigames and some of them are only available through Heartless Flans scattered around the game's worlds. The Flans will only appear after complete the world so don't try and find them before. Here are the 7 seven Flan Heartless locations.

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Head to Overlook and up the stairs on the right. The Flan is on the top.

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Toy Story

Head to the Rest Area on the Red Floor by the Toy Store. It's by the vending machines.

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Kingdom of Corona

Located by Tower save point, head into the tunnel and the Flan can be seen on the left side when you exit through the vines.

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Found in the Basement save point, head to the right into the Door Vault. Continue until you find the wall of doors and take the entrance on the far left, it's a brown door. Inside you'll see a treasure chest and in the opposite end the Flan and a lucky emblem.

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Head to Mountain Ridge and turn left, you'll see a purple hue indicating a hidden path you can fall down by the Moogle. Head all the way down to locate the Flan.

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The Caribbean

Located by The Fort, you can find the Flan right in the middle. It's very hard to miss.

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San Fransokyo

Head to South District at Night, from the save point make a 180 turn and climb the John Fashion Center, airstep to the Radio Tower, and leap to the building on the right to see the Flan.

Kingdom Hearts III is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out our review here.

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