Thymesia Main Boss Guide

A guide to help with the main boss fights

By LCLupus, Posted 19 Aug 2022

This guide will give you a few hints on the four main bosses in Thymesia. They should you get through them if you’ve gotten stuck, but if you need a better visual presentation, then select any of the videos above the sub-headings to see the boss defeated in real-time. Good luck on conquering the world of Thymesia!



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Odur is a fast boss. He’s agile and he hits in rapid succession. In some ways, he may be the hardest boss because, by this point in the game, you probably aren’t all that great at the mechanics yet. This means that he’s a great test for new players of Thymesia. You need to be cautious at first and learn your way around his moves, but as soon as you understand how each of the moves operates, you need to be aggressive. Get in there and deal damage!

He has several primary attacks. He will typically go invisible and then dash up to you and unleash a flurry of attacks. You need to escape these at all costs, and so it’s useful to put your talents points into dodging for this boss. However, at the end of these attacks, he’s generally vulnerable for a short period of time. Take this time to hit him hard and fast. Have your claw attack as upgraded as possible and hit him as often as you can.

You also need to watch out for his ranged attacks. Most of these attacks involve throwing fast projectiles at you, and these can be dodged easily. But he usually follows these attacks up with something melee. So, get ready for that. His other major ranged attack can be dodged or interrupted, and if you interrupt it, you can use that time to deal heavy damage. However, you may not be able to close the distance and so it’s generally easier to wait till after his melee barrage and then hit him.

Odur also has a second phase. After you’ve depleted his first health bar, you need to take out his second. This second phase increases his number of attacks, and so it becomes a test of endurance to survive this one. Just stay out of his way and strike after his melee attacks.

Watch the video to see it in action.



Thymesia, PC, Guide


The Hanged Queen:

The Hanged Queen is the only non-human boss in the main set of bosses in Thymesia. She is a gigantic bat and so you do not want to put talent points into your feather for her. The feather is only useful against enemies that can interrupted, and she cannot be interrupted.

Her attacks are heavily telegraphed and it’s quite easy to dodge her. She also leaves a lot of time between each of her attacks so you can deal some damage. With her, the biggest issue isn’t actually dealing damage, but rather the fact that she regenerates health. There is a specific move she will sometimes do in which she’ll suck blood up from the ground and replenish her health. She cannot harm you during these moments, so try to stop as much health regeneration as possible, but her regeneration cannot be entirely stopped.

To compensate, she does not have a second bar of health, which is nice, but she does have some AOE attacks that need to be taken into account. Sometimes, she will regenerate health and while doing so she will create a bunch of pillars around the arena. These pillars allow you to hide from her heavily telegraphed projectile attack, but, more importantly, it hides you from her AOE attack. After she creates the pillars, she will attack you a few times before jumping into the air and unleashing a devastating attack that will knock off a lot of health. You’ll avoid all that damage if you can get behind one of those pillars.

These attacks then repeat until you’ve taken her down. But she is probably the easiest main boss fight in the game.

Watch the video to see it in action.



Thymesia, PC, Guide



Varg is, by far, the slowest boss in Thymesia. His attacks hit hard, but they also hit slowly. However, as he is unlike all the other bosses because of his speed, it may be strange to face him at first. However, don’t underestimate him because of his slowness. He has some devastating attacks, and he likes to swing his huge sword in a large spiral to hit you from any angle.

He will primarily try to jump at you and strike you, or swing very heavily, so you need to stay back. He is not the kind of boss you want to be standing around with because his attacks tend to hit every direction around him. But after each of his attacks, he tends to remain still for long enough for you to deal several blows. His health can be reduced rather quickly if you simply avoid his slow attacks and jump in after he’s failed to hit you.

However, he becomes more dangerous once you’ve depleted the first health bar. He gains one new ability, and it is very annoying. He starts to move faster overall, but every now and then he’ll roar at you and glow red. When this happens: run. His next attack cannot be dodged, interrupted, or deflected. It’s a grapple that will take out most of your health if it gets you. So, run away. Just get out of reach. A good way to tell is that if your character becomes staggered by his roar, then he will get you. So, get out of his way quickly!

Otherwise, he’s quite a great boss to face off against, but he does lack the elegance of the others. He’s all about brute force and so he’s a good match for your character’s speed and finesse.

Watch the video to see it in action.



Thymesia, PC, Guide



The last main boss in Thymesia is a manifestation of yourself; one that can use all your abilities without having to switch them out at a checkpoint. He has your swords, your attacks, and your plague weapons. He’s also fast and will dodge out of the way with ease. You generally only get a few hits in on him before he’s jumped away.

The first thing to know is that you need to be careful when you close in to attack him. He will, after taking a hit or two, start winding up for a responsive attack. Dodge immediately. He will hit you and then move into a combo.

Additionally, he uses plague weapons against you, and when he enters his second form, his number of plague weapons increases. He will also use the bow plague weapon twice rather than once. So, keep your dodges in mind there. You need to learn these plague weapons and see which one he will use when. Each is heavily telegraphed, so you will be able to tell which is which if you’ve been paying attention, for instance, if you can identify something like the axe being thrown at you, then you know that he’ll be open from the front after he’s thrown it. But the same is not true of the halberd and its circular swinging action.

His second form also gets faster and more frantic, and you will likely die against him several times, but the best opening is after he’s used the long claw for the second time. This is the best moment to strike. After the long claw and after the plague weapons. The rest of the time, he’ll bounce back quickly and come at you with your speed.

However, if you’ve been paying attention to the way your character has been playing all game, then Corvus’s moves shouldn’t be too hard to understand. They are yours, after all.

Watch the video to see it in action.


And that is every main boss in Thymesia. Good luck with slaying them all!

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