Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode VI - A Portal to Mystery Predictions

What will become of Jesse and his friends next episode?

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Apr 2016

Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode V changed the direction of the entire season. Starting with a devastating Wither Storm that threatened the entire world to a brand new adventure focusing on dimension jumping was a huge risk, but Telltale succeeded. The story not only took the mechanics of the original game but forged a lore around them, almost like this was Telltale’s plan the entire time. However as satisfying as the Episode V - Ordered Up! was it did leave an open-ended cliffhanger. What better way to prepare for Episode VI than to predict what it will contain. Here are our predictions for Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode VI - A Portal to Mystery.

Reuniting with Alex and Olivia

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Last time we saw Alex and Olivia they were back home, either collecting sand to prevent Ivor’s lava pit from burning down the town or dismantling his home. It’s likely that after being missing for so long they went to look for Jesse at the Temple, located the portal, and judging from Alex’s past decisions to throw caution into the wind ran inside with Olivia chasing him behind. 

If this is the case these two are going to end up in the demolished Sky City, with a horde of monsters waiting to attack. It’s doubtful they’ll die so catches are they’ll eventually make it to Jesse, Lucas, and Petra.

Portals to Anywhere

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The image for A Portal to Mystery has Jesse cautiously sticking his leg into one of the portals. It’s likely that we’ve venture into one, many multiple, portals during this episode. If the last one is any indicator of what is to come we’ll find something based in notorious Minecraft lore. Perhaps monsters that can speak, Villagers, or perhaps an alternate version of Jesse’s universe. Telltale has a lot of creative room to make whatever they want, just like Minecraft.

Return of the Ender Dragon

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I know, my last hypothesis was that the Ender Dragon would return and it still can. These are multiple universes and perhaps Jesse and his friends will enter a world where the inhabitants are terrorized by an Ender Dragon. It’s possible that Jesse and his friends will have to kill an Ender Dragon, something that the previous Order of the Stone never accomplished. That would make his own Order superior to the original.

Have any predictions of your own, tell us in the comments below. Also check out our review of episodes 1 through 5 of Minecraft: Story Mode. We currently have every episode now uploaded on YouTube if you want to catch up to everything.

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