Questions About Loot Boxes That We All Ask Ourselves

Ask yourself this, do loot boxes help the publisher or the gamer?

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Dec 2017

Microtransactions were once the most hated additions to video games, limited to free-to-play games but now have leaped into premium titles as a common feature. Loot boxes have replaced microtransactions by providing a luck-based system that encourages the use of a predatory system by restricting specific content or providing a pay-to-win environment. The most recent example of this being Star Wars Battlefront 2 but think about all the games that include this system, are they all justified? Even they only contain cosmetics here are some questions we've all asked ourselves about loot boxes, and some you probably never did.

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What if the developers/publishers purposely restrict access to prefer weapons and cosmetics to encourage buying them instead?

What if you're purposely placed in mid-game losing matches to lower the rate of earning loot boxes?

Will the game's algorithm purposely placed me in matches against player's above my skill level to lower the rate of earning loot boxes?

Will the developers/publishers lower the probability of getting items I really need or want based on my gameplay statistics?

Will progression be hindered to encourage the purchase of in-game currency for loot boxes?

Instead of giving the chance of gaining preferred items why can't I earn them by playing the game or a specific character I enjoy?

Will the game increase the chances of gaining duplicate items as I play?

Will I earn items that I don't need or cannot use?

What's the purpose of a loot box system in a single-player campaign if it can be played without it?

I have a gambling addiction, should I even play a game with loot boxes?

Have anything to add to the list? List them in the comments below!

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