Games We Want To See Release In 2018

Games without a release date, maybe they'll come out in 2018

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Dec 2017

2018 is around the corner and some games have been confirmed to release next year but some have yet to have a solid release date. They're in development but without confirmation, these titles could miss the entire year. Here's what we want to see release in 2018

Death Stranding,NoobFeed,Sony,Kojima Productions,

Death Stranding

Announced in 2016 Hideo Kojima's first game after leaving Konami has taken the gaming world by storm. At The Game Awards 2017, which gave gamers more information regarding the game's plot. Hideo Kojima has reported that the development has been going smoothly and Sony has reaffirmed this by stating that "never seen people working at a fast pace like this".

Kojima has teased players that he has something special to announce in 2018 which could be a release date. However, it could be information on the game's multiplayer which we haven't seen anything about. Until we get an official release date nothing is certain.

Kingdom Hearts 3,Square Enix,NoobFeed,

Kingdom Hearts 3

Like Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian Kingdom Hearts 3's early concepts started in 2006 before being confirmed in development at E3 2013. To put things into perspective the last full console release of the game was Kingdom Hearts 2, which released in December 2005 for the PS2. As you might expect many fans have been eagerly waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. The game has been rumored for a 2018 release but Square Enix hasn't confirmed anything.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake,NoobFeed,Square Enix,

Final Fantasy 7: Remake

Final Fantasy 7 was the first game in the RPG franchise to jump from 2D to 3D graphics and Square Enix is remaking the entire game for PS4. Complete with remastered graphics and gameplay Square Enix has stated that Final Fantasy 7 Remake, along with Kingdom Hearts 3, is a long way from release. With this title being released episodically due to the high production cost. Square Enix has promised new Final Fantasy games in 2018 but didn't state what Final Fantasy games. Many hope it's the first episode for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Half Life 3,NoobFeed,Valve,

Half-Life 3

It hasn't been officially canceled by Valve and long-time Valve writer Marc Laidlaw released a script, full of pseudonyms, of what would've been Half-Life 3 but some hope still remains. Valve is still printing money using their digital service Steam and their free-to-play games. Many reports have shown that Valve allowed the project to die but they also have the power to revive it. Perhaps 2018 they'll do just that, maybe.

What games do you want to see a 2018 release date? Let us know in the comments below!

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