Latest Smite Update Adds Tsujuyimi-no-Mikoto, Japanese God of the Moon

Hi-Rez's free-to-play MOBA adds its 111th god to its roster, introducing players to a brand new assassin class god.

By Kiemour, Posted 12 Aug 2020



In a recently revealed trailer for Smite, players are shown Tsukuyomi in an intense battle with Amatersau. As siblings and gods of the moon and sun, (respectively) it makes sense that they are natural enemies. However, Tsukuyomi is capable of changing the tide of battle with his twin Tonfa blades, introducing a new set of range-based combos to the assassin class.

Although most assassin characters in Smite focus on getting up close and personal with their targets, Tsukuyomi is able to strike from afar, setting him apart from his fellow assassins. His abilities include a Dark Moon Shuriken, which damages enemies in a line and allows for an additional ranged attack upon hitting an enemy god. Each passive attack such as this empowers his blades, restoring health or mana based on the attack. Tsukuyomi is also able to set a sort of trap with his Silver Moon Caltrops, which slow and damage enemies caught in their field. He is also able to manipulate his weapons into chained blades, launching a 360 degree attack, ending with a powerful stun.

Tsukuyomi, Smite

With his ultimate ability, Tsukuyomi channels the power of the full moon to fire four beams of light. Any enemies hit by these beams are marked and Tsukuyomi dashes towards them for a quick attack. Tsukuyomi is an ability based hero, meaning that using the right combos will often win him the fight. His mixture of ranged and melee abilities make him a formidable opponent against most other gods on the battleground.

In Smite, the assassin class usually consists of gods who can hold their own against Jungle monsters, while occasionally ganking lower health enemies when necessary in other lanes. However, Tsukuyomi introduces a new strategy for Junglers, allowing him to stun or slow his opponents from a distance before closing in for the kill.

Smite is a unique game that offers 111 gods, each with a different set of abilities and strengths. However, each god also has their fair share of weaknesses, although Tsukuyomi's have yet to be revealed. When playing the new assassin, be sure to watch your back, and don't be too hasty about chasing down your enemies; you never know who might be hiding around the corner.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed 

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