Maneater: Truth Quest Coming This Summer

Maneater getting new DLC

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Apr 2021

Despite today being plagued with April Fools-related news, this is not a joke. Maneater is getting a new DLC called Truth Quest.

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The DLC will launch this Summer 2021 for all platforms the core game is available on. With players heading down a hidden path full of dark secrets and conspiracies surrounding Port Clovis and the Naval Wildlife Organization (NWO).

"The team has been hard at work on Maneater: Truth Quest and we’re excited to announce the first details on the downloadable content that so many fans have been asking for," said Sean McBride, Creative Director at Tripwire Interactive. "We’re aiming to give players more of what they loved from the original Maneater, with the ability to grow bigger, explore an entirely new region off the coast of Port Clovis, and evolve further tools of destruction. Inspired by Scaly Pete's father's tales of 'Gub'ment Experiments', we pick up where we left off and join Trip Westhaven and the shark's journey down the rabbit hole of conspiracy and military cover ups as you eat, explore and evolve through these uncharted waters."

The DLC will include 2 new episodes and a new region to explore. It'll cost $14.99 when it launches.

New Evolution Set 

Maximum level cap increased to 40

Five new organ evolutions with one additional organ slot unlocked at level 40

Maximum shark size increased

New Wildlife

New “Uber” Apex Predator

New evolved hunt creatures

New Military Forces for Bounty Hunter System

Military land forces will launch attacks from beaches and fortifications

Helicopters will hunt by air

Five new Bounty Bosses

New weapons and vehicles for military Bounty Hunters

New Objective Types

Failure to Communicate: Tail-whip objects to destroy the target objective

Time Trial: Swim through the rings before time runs out!

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