Virtual Hobby Simulator Model Builder Gets New Free Variety Model

A new content pack featuring community-submitted model proposals is now available for download.

By SnowWhite, Posted 04 May 2022

Green Man Gaming Publishing and developers Moonlit S.A. have launched a new variety model pack for the blockbuster virtual hobby simulator Model Builder, including a range of new models. For everybody who has the original game, this new pack is based on requests from the Model Builder community, and it's completely free!

In Model Builder, experts and beginners alike may experience the excitement of scale model construction via virtual hobby games. The current trend in simulation games, Model Builder, lets you cut out, assemble, and paint your own models of anything from aircraft to tanks to figures to mecha to various other things. Make money selling your artwork, or exhibit it in awe-inspiring and grand sceneries for the world to witness.

In addition to the four exciting new models, the latest free variety pack download includes four models of varying complexity. Listed below are the items that are included:

PT-109: The PT-109 patrol boat, built in the United States, was first implemented in 1942. In the Pacific, it was designed to fight the Japanese fleet. PT boats also played an essential role in the Battle of Guadalcanal, preventing enemy forces from advancing on the island. At any one time, a ship could carry 12 to 17 troops and an extensive arsenal of offensive weapons, including 21-inch torpedoes, submersible bombs, and double-coupled CKM rocket launchers. An engine of 4500 horsepower was also installed in the PT-109. While equipped, it was capable of traveling at 41 knots.

Hurricane: A crucial piece of the RAF's fighter arsenal during World War II. From 1937 until 1944, it was in service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) of the United Kingdom. These vehicles had a more powerful engine with a top speed of 529 kilometers per hour. Hurricanes were an effective weapon against German bombers during the Battle of the British Isles. Hurricane aircraft were able to compete with German Messerschmitts after additional design improvements.


Astrocat: Scientific inquiry was centered on "whether they could" rather than "if they should," it is said. Thus, we have arrived at this point. The Astrocat Girls — the latest generation of semi-sentient android pilots – are our last chance on a planet overtaken by aliens known as ONI! Piloting a Gunbot is no simple undertaking, but the courageous Astrocat Girls are willing to take on any risky mission to defend the globe.

The Pershing M26: It was a decisive American tank that served in both World Wars. It was designed to compete with the German Tigers and Panthers, armed with a 90 mm gun. It had a 507-horsepower Ford engine. This engine's top speed was 40 kilometers per hour despite its comparatively modest weight of 41 tons. The tank's combat range was 160 kilometers, and the 5-man crew was protected by 115 mm of armor.

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The Moonlit S has released a new piece of free material a third time. Frostpunk DLC, published in March to rousing acclaim, prompted the formation of an in-house team to follow up on the positive reception it had gotten. It's a sign of their continued dedication to the Model Builder's community and the game's future success and development.

Model Builder is now available on PC via Steam for £14.99/€16.79/$19.99.


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