2K Updates On Their Recent Data Breach Incident

An unauthorized third party accessed customer data via 2K' help desk

By AlexJohn, Posted 06 Oct 2022

On 19th September 2022 American video game publisher 2K Games announced that its help desk platform had been used by an "unauthorized third party" to illegally access and download some of their customers' personal information.

In an email from 2K Games received by one of the writers here at NoobFeed, the publisher informed them that: "the name given when contacting us [2K], email address, help desk identification number, gamer tag, and console details" had all be stolen in the breach and "made available for sale."

Other customers had been targeted with "a communication... containing a malicious link purporting to provide a software update from 2K" that actually contained "malware that had the potential to compromise data stored on your device, including passwords."

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Upon discovering the breach 2K Games shut down their game portal and "immediately launched a thorough forensic investigation with the assistance of leading outside cybersecurity experts", furthermore they contacted all recipients of the malware link and reported the incident to data protection authorities, and the most appropriate law enforcement agencies.

While the 2K Games' portal is back up and running, the publisher is asking players to remain vigilant and "look out for suspicious activity across your accounts [not just 2K Games' portal] and be vigilant of unauthorized third parties trying to leverage the incident to harm you."

2K Games personnel will never ask for your password or personal information and advise you: never click on suspicious or unknown links; enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) via a trusted, secure authenticator app; and install and run a reputable anti-virus program on your device.

2K Games has provided a page for those in need of support and it can be accessed here: Email Notification October 6. For more information on staying safe online visit the Cyber Security Alliance website.

Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
News Editor, NoobFeed

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