Destiny 2's Lack Of Patch Note Clarity Causes Outrage Amongst Players

Due to Bungie's failure to disclose all the information coming to Destiny 2's next patch, there has been large player outcry

By DShelley, Posted 20 Apr 2023

It would seem that Bungie has landed themselves into some hot water after they failed to disclose important information about the the next patch coming to their game Destiny 2. These include the many nerfs coming to Guardian abilities, this has led to many fans of the game calling out Bungie on their decision with many fans claiming the choice to leave players in the dark was intentional.

Despite the current controversy, the mid-season rebalancing patch for Destiny 2 was initially met with praise and many players were excited by the numerous weapon buffs and meta improvements that were coming to the sci-fi shooter. However, it seems that Bungie wasn't entirely open about all the changes that were coming in the patch and released a post addendum via a tweet, that included all the major changes that they had failed to include in the full release document.

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This sadly does come after both the Lightfall DLC and the currently ongoing Season of Defiance, which many long-time players felt didn't meet the expectations, particularly with regard to narrative. Hope was restored when it was announced that the upcoming patch would include meta changes, such as many weapons becoming viable again on most of the game's currently available content. Due to the communication issues, this hope has all but disappeared.

As for the changes that will be coming to Guardian abilities, players will be disappointed to know that there will be a heavy reduction to the ability to generate Orbs of Power by using the mods for both Firepower, as well as mods for Heavy Handed. A good example of this is the Strand Grapple ability as due to the reduction in the Grenade Kickstart mod, players no longer have the ability to chain grapple. The ability has also further been nerfed that when using Ashes to Assets mod you no longer receive a Super ability bonus.

Players dissatisfaction with the mid-season update was increased further by the fact that Bungie had also removed the ability to perform the well-known Neomuna farming method. This means that players will now need to work harder  if they want to earn XP, weapons and other materials when on Neptune. Understandably, members of the Destiny 2 community are unhappy with the unlisted changes and many feel betrayed and deceived by the company.

However, despite the issues surrounding the whole nerfing situation, there is at least some good news. Players will still be able to use the powerful Void Hunter Build as none of the skills or abilities have yet to be nerfed or changed.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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