World Boss Timers Coming to Diablo 4

The next Season 2 Update could be bringing the highly requested feature.

By DShelley, Posted 30 Sep 2023

Fans of Diablo 4 rejoice as the game's Lead Developer, Rod Fergusson, has confirmed that after high demand, players will be getting World Boss Timers. This will allow players to keep track of World bosses as well as what loot will become available. While this hasn't officially been announced, Rod seems to be hinting at a possible announcement being made soon. This comes from a series of tweets that were made in regards to a fan's question.

If you are unfamiliar with Diablo 4 and how its all-powerful World Bosses work, World Bosses are incredibly powerful enemies that spawn at certain times in a day, or roughly every 6 hours. Now, these enemies hold a lot of valuable loot, but players are only informed about the World Boss's arrival a few minutes before it arrives. Players are also not informed of their arrival if they are offline. Previously, players would have to rely on third party websites or discord bots to get notifications on when these enemies spawn. The time in which World Bosses spawn has been a major complaint for players, as many miss out on a chance to face off against them. 

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Blizzard must have obviously heard these complaints and now it would appear that a solution may be in the works and may soon be announced during a developer livestream. Many players are still curious to see what solution Blizzard had in mind, one such player took to Twitter to ask Rod Fergusson himself if a world Boss Timer was going to be added. While Rod Fergusson did not confirm or deny anything, he did say "Oh, you're going to like the streams…" which seems to once again hint at an upcoming announcement.

Excitement for Diablo 4's upcoming developer stream seems to be growing by the minute, especially for information surrounding the upcoming Season 2 of Diablo 4, aptly titled "Season of Blood". Season 2 is set to launch 17 October 2023, and is bringing in a brand-new antagonist, a dark vampire lord who is using an army of blood sucking vampires to invade the Sanctuary. Players will need to use this lord's tricks against him, with a whole new set of vampiric abilities and spells. Along with these cool new abilities, Blizzard has also included a new way for players to farm Unique and Uber Unique Items. 

With the development stream right around the corner, we will hopefully get some insight as to what will be coming in the next season of the dungeon crawler, and maybe even the announcement of a World Boss Timer. If you would like to tune in, Blizzard shared all the details about the stream over on Twitter.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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