PvP Dungeon Crawler, Dungeon Stalkers, Will Attend Steam's Next Fest

Dungeon Stalkers, a player-versus-player extraction looter, will participate in the Steam Next Fest.

By SnowWhite, Posted 24 Jan 2024

After launching Blade for Kakao—the first mobile game to receive the Korea Game Award—along with Blades of Three Kingdoms and Blade II, developer and publisher Action Square solidified its position as a go-to for mobile action games. With that success, they have formally announced their next dungeon crawler game, Dungeon Stalkers, in collaboration with Studio HG. 

Dungeon Stalkers is scheduled to be launched in the first half of this year and will participate in the Steam Next Fest. At the Steam Next Fest, planned to take place from February 5th to the 12th (Pacific Standard Time), players will get to try out plenty of upcoming titles through the event.

Dungeon Stalkers is a game initially developed by Studio HG under the direction of Producer Han Dae-hoon. It is a combination of the popular dungeon crawler genre, which has acquired substantial momentum in the Western market, and the battle royale genre, which offers a player vs player experience. 

Dungeon Stalkers

PD Han commented that "Dungeon Stalkers, which had our first playtest last November, surpassed expectations with approximately 30,000 users joining us." He further stated, "After the test, we actively incorporated user feedback and made significant improvements to enhance the overall immersive experience of the game."

During the "Action Square Steam Festival 2023" that took place in November of the previous year, Action Square had previously conducted the first playtest of Dungeon Stalkers. Twitch live broadcasts were used to facilitate direct interaction between the creators and the players for the entirety of the event. Additionally, promotional movies were created and uploaded to the official YouTube channel and the website.

While participating in this Steam Next Fest, players will have the opportunity to experience a version of Dungeon Stalkers that is significantly improved compared to the initial playtest carried out in November of the previous year. An updated voice chat feature that enhances user participation in team play, a rating system for competitive play, and new costumes are some of the new elements that have been integrated into the game as a result of user feedback solicited during the initial playtest.

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