Elden Ring Mobile Announced While Shadow of the Erdtree Awaits

An Elden Ring mobile game is currently in the works, and the upcoming DLC is said to be announced this month.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 06 Feb 2024

When it comes to souls-like games, From Software has no doubt settled everything for every fan’s desire. Starting from Demon’s Souls, the spin-offs and new IPs have come a long way. The demand for souls-like games derives from its high replay value and highly customizable load-outs, combined with solid gameplay, it's rightfully to be the genre that people like to sink their hours into. But not all good things end in a good way, unfortunately.

In 2022, the Chinese gaming company Tencent bought the licensing for Elden Ring and now owns the franchise. Tencent is notoriously known for smudging titles to the point where the game becomes rather a cash grab than the actual showcase of the game. This is more prominent in the mobile gaming market, where companies like Tencent and NetEase tend to set up their shops thoroughly thanks to the widespread smartphone usage. The same rule applies to Elden Ring, now that Tencent has their hands on the title, they can give a spin-off if they so desire.

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This happens to be the case as Tencent announced that they are working on an Elden Ring mobile game. For how it might play on mobile, sources state it has similar roots to one that can be experienced in Genshin Impact with in-game purchases. Although it's confirmed, we do not have an official release date for the mobile game, as it is stated that the working progress is currently being at a snail's pace.

Tencent, despite having a great roster of mobile games, has been lacking in the licensed games department. Just a few days ago, they announced that the work-in-progress Nier game for the mobile platform was canceled, which begs the question of whether the project was sacked in favor of the Elden Ring mobile game instead.

As for the planned DLC for Elden Ring, Shadow of Erdtree, there aren’t any announcements or official release dates yet, but some leaks and updates to its Steam database do show that we might see it emerge at the end of this month.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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