New Information About Metal Gear Online

New information about Metal Gear Online and The Phantom Pain

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Jun 2015

Metal Gear fans anxiously waiting for the final game in the Metal Gear Solid timeline, releasing on September 1, will get the chance to experience the latest iteration of Metal Gear Online.

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Metal Gear Online will focus on forward operating bases, or FOBs. These separate installments serve as the battlegrounds for MGO and are related to the Mother Base of your single-player campaign. In the multiplayer portion of MGS V you’ll defend and attack FOBs for resources and other spoils in 8v8 combat, or 6v6 if played on older consoles. The Mother Base in the single-player doesn’t have an optional online component that allows your base to be infiltrated, this is exclusive to Meta Gear Online.

The single-player component is linked to MGS V, allowing players to carry over some cosmetic extras from the single-player campaign to Metal Gear Online.

Quondam has confirmed that Team Sneak and other modes from previous installments in Metal Gear Online are returning. Dedicated maps for MGS V and MGO will be available along with maps inspired by the single-player campaign. 

Players can choose to control Snake or Revolver Ocelot, with more characters to be announced. A progression system will be used and players can choose one of several classes at launch. MGO microtransactions have been rumored but haven’t been confirmed by Konami.

What do you think, are you excited for MGO or just MGS V?

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