Maneater E3 Trailer Introduces the Shark Hunter

Get your fill as the Shark Hunter in Maneater

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Jun 2019

Ever wanted to play the role of Jaws and consume large amount of humans. Maneater is giving players that chance. With a new cinematic trailer featuring a vicious shark that will do anything for its next meal.

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In an official press release, Tripwire Interactive stated:

Following an exclusive reveal at the PC Gaming Show E3 2019 press conference, the latest Maneater trailer takes players on a deep dive through the unforgiving waters of the Gulf Coast, where players will experience the ultimate power fantasy as they progress from a baby bull shark to a legendary beast.. You’ll also meet Scaly Pete, the game’s lead antagonist and star of the in-game wildlife reality television show, Shark Hunters vs Maneaters. The show pits Scaly Pete, a fisherman hell bent on revenge for his father’s death by a monstrous shark, against a baby Bull Shark that was torn from his mother’s belly. These dueling tales of revenge between man and man eater play out in-game as players lead the young baby shark on its journey to become the ultimate apex predator.

Maneater will launch on Epic Games Store before coming to other platformers in 12 months time.

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