Despite Final Fantasy VII Remake being loyal to the original game there will be some changes. Such as a new SOLDIER and even new situations. During a recent blog post, story and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima explains how they made changes to Cloud.

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Despite having versions of Cloud after the events of the first game, with Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, Nojima explained how they wrote new lines of dialogue during these same situations.

This time, it was this Cloud that I needed to depict. When Cloud came to Midgar and was hired by Avalanche, this was the sort of look that he would have had on his face. So I revisited the experiences that he’d had in his life so far, thinking of the effect that each individual event would have had on him. His attitude toward his childhood friend Tifa. How would he act toward Barret? What sort of distance would he keep while interacting with passers-by on the street? I picture the scene of Midgar in my mind and imagine Cloud moving through it. Write new lines of dialogue to add for him. This is how Cloud in the Remake Version came to be.

Nojima explained that the developers won't have to rely on the player's imagination. Instead, they can now tell the narrative they wanted to tell.

It was an exciting task to introduce a new current of wind to FINAL FANTASY VII, but at the same time, there was some fear. The original game used cartoon-like, stylised art, and the story was completed by players using their imagination to supplement portions that couldn’t be depicted as a result. Even if they were seeing the same scene, the information they took away from it and how they interpreted it differed depending on the viewer. Perhaps it’s what might be considered a narrative form of storytelling nowadays.

In FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, there will be much less room for player imagination. This fact will probably change the feel of the story considerably. People who know the original might not know quite how to take it. Such is the fear that I have. But I also have conviction. It should be possible to feel a much deeper connection to Cloud as you join alongside him. It would be amazing if you could feel that fiery flame together with him.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on March 3rd for PS4. Check out the new images that feature the Choco/Mog summon and detailed looks at Aerith's home as well as the confirmation of Part 2 of Final Fantasy VII Remake's development.

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