3D Twist and Match

This looks like the type of game that Japanese people would get a kick out of.

By Daavpuke, Posted 14 Apr 2011

It’s the age of 3D, there’s no denying that. Just like zombies, everyone is jumping on the dimensional boat like marooned folk. So here comes 3D Twist & Match that takes this idea and inexplicably lets you toy with depth in a 2D spectrum.

The game quite literally revolves around one simple thing: rotating objects to match the correct silhouette standing behind it. The bright rectangular visuals offer a set of simple to complex shapes that need to revolve around themselves in three dimensions on top of an equally cheerful background. In ten different themes, with some giddy background music to boot, these items will vary from animals, beach supplies to complex ornaments or utensils. The art style combined with the amount of random bric-a-brac is suggestive of Katamari and the gameplay will follow this quirky direction.

NoobFeed Review - 3D Twist & Match - PSP Minis
3D Twist & Match: It's basically a boatload of this; every screenshot is the same.

Twisting objects in the correct way is difficult, but ever so needed to obtain the high score. Through matching silhouettes in the shortest amount of moves, players will obtain an awesome move, which adds to a score multiplier, but fail once and the multiplier is reset. This simple premise with a challenge underneath will make for a pensive mini-game, even if 3D Twist & Match can only work as the mini-game spectrum, since it’s literally 1 thing. In any different situation, this would be one of these small side attractions that some RPG offers as an additional gameplay layer. Yet, as this is a Minis title, it shouldn’t offer a lot of depth, no pun intended.

Unfortunately, matching the correct shapes in false 3D has some issues. Particularly, if you find yourself to be in the 10% of stereo-blind population, expect a migraine from adjusting to this scope. But the toughest aspect lies beyond even false 3D. Some generic objects, such as perfectly round and square items, are near impossible to recognize correctly. Certainly as the silhouette is hidden behind the object itself, it’s usually hit or miss when turning an object to obtain some clarity. This requires the depth perception of a swooping eagle to obtain the elusive high scores; one many will fall short of.

Ok, if you're this fast at 3D Twist & Match then you're some sort of engineering genius.

Still, there is a learning curve to the game and in time even the sluggish people will come to train their puzzle perception. Once accustomed to the Classic mode, an additional Rush mode presents an additional challenge with a single missed object meaning game over. There are even some medals for that additional push to glory, where completing loads of moves correctly shines bright. Luckily, even stereo-blind people will get to taste this sweet victory, as the game actually subconsciously trains you in shape recognition. This poses the question why this mechanic isn’t released in a full third dimension. This game would serve as a perfect demo reel for 3D-enhanced devices if done properly; like a tiny virtual reality space.

Keeping in mind that 3D Twist & Match is a one-trick pony, it still has some things going for it, such as its challenge and commemorative learning ability. For some reason, this looks like the type of game that Japanese people would get a kick out of and not just because of the Katamari reference. It’s that whole simple and quirky mechanic thing that looks easy on the outside, but is insane to master, which could see die-hard fanatics try and excel in an effort of pointlessness. Now, if only it was really 3D, then heads would spin, no pun intended, again.

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Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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Platform(s): PS3, 3DS, Mobile
Publisher(s): Sanuk Games
Developer(s): Sanuk Games
Genres: Puzzle
Themes: Puzzle
Release Date: 2011-03-30

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