Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water How to Unlock All Endings

Unlock the good and the bad endings of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Nov 2021

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water has multiple endings for each of the 3 protagonists and getting them all will unlock multiple achievements for each. Here's how to unlock them. We will be going by order.

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Miu Hinasaki

When scaling the mountain for her missing mother you'll have the chance to unlock 1 of 2 endings.

Good Ending (Dream Ending)

Shoot every photo of Miku when traveling up the mountain. This will have Miu and Miku return home and rest together as if it was a dream

Bad Ending (Shadow Child)

Take no photos of Miku she'll fade as she has died.

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Ren Hojo

Ren has 4 endings in total, 2 for Ose Kurosawa and 2 for Shiragiku.

For Ose, players have to select the photo before entering the final area. To get the Love After Death let touch you and for the Box of Loneliness ending take her picture.

For Shiragiku choose the hair. The process is the same here. Defeat Shiragiku in the battle to unlock 1 ending and in the other have Shiragiku defeat Ren.

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Yuri Kozukata

The good and bad endings are determined where you defeat the final boss. Defeating her above water and touching her will get you the Bride of the Black Water ending. Ending the cycle of sacrifice and putting everyone to rest.

Beating the boss below water will result in the Embrace ending. This will result in Yuri becoming a new pillar and continuing the cycle. 

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