Code Vein Patch Resolves Issues with Lord of Thunder DLC

New patch available for Code Vein

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Apr 2020

Recently, the new DLC for Code Vein launched. Called Lord of Thunder players would take on new challenges to earn new weapons and more.

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The Steam score for the third DLC is currently sitting on "Very Negative" despite the core game has a "Very Positive" review. Many gamers are angry the DLC includes used assets just reskinned. Along with multiple issues that makes progression near impossible such as being unable to grab a specific key or visual issues.

The patch is detailed below and resolves some issues players have been encountering. Code Vein is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Players who got “Asclepius's Vestige I” on Patch Ver.1.30, Ver.1.31 or Ver.1.40 are not able to get “Asclepius Vestige Part F” when defeating the Queen's Vanguard Puppet in Depths: Eternal Abyss, which causes the boss area to be unavailable.

“Asclepius Vestige Part F” is now available to defeat the Queen's Vanguard Puppet again once Patch Ver.1.51 is installed.

Fixed a bug in which specific effects of Boss: Lord of Thunder in Depths: Eternal Abyss are not displayed correctly to the guest player in multiplayer mode.

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