The Next Battlefield is Likely Another Live Service Title

A new position at DICE hints at the next Battlefield being a new live service from EA

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 May 2020

Live services have become less and less appealing to gamers over the years. Some titles like Monster Hunter World, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Overwatch have had success with constant context updates but others like Anthem, Fallout 76, and Battlefield V have not. With Battlefield V reaching its end this summer and a new game in development. In a recent job posting by DICE the next Battlefield maybe another live service title.

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DICE posted a job for a new Senior Development Director for the Battlefield franchise. With the position ideally looking for someone with experience with live services.

We believe that you are passionate about coaching and leadership. You have 8+ years working as a project manager; 6+ years of experience working in a AAA game development (extra credit if you have experience in Live Services); you have success as a mediator and have many conflict resolution tools in your tool belt; you are comfortable talking across all levels of an organization. You always knows the status of your project and can visualize that status for any audience.

For many, this is expected. The days of releasing paid content updates are dying and instead, publishers are using free updates coupled with microtransactions, usually loot boxes, or Battle Passes popularized by Fortnite to keep customers coming back and spending more. Battlefield V attempted this but unlike EA's Star Wars: Battlefront 2 which made a massive comeback from its initial launch Battlefield V never really recovered from its slump.

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