Shadow Arena Adding Hexe Marie, The Undead Summoner

The undead summoner Hexe Marie joins Shadow Arena

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Dec 2020

Shadow Arena is adding a new class that may have been better suited for October but is coming anyway. With Hexe Marie joining the roster.

Shadow Arena,NoobFeed,

The sorceress comes with a unique ability called Wicked Sorcery that allows her to bring fallen soldiers and monsters to life and fight for her. Building this army takes time and playing Marie means being defensive while you gather the resources to prepare. Marie can fire darkness at her enemies and detonate her skeleton soldiers but creating undead is her primary focus.

In addition, Pearl Abyss is holding a YouTube contest to celebrate Marie's release. Anyone who uploads content with #HexeMarie and #ShadowArena between now and 12/13 will be entered to win the exclusive Goyen skin, Gavi Regan. Second and third place will receive a skin selection coupon.

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