Shadow Arena Replaces Battle Royale With 3v3 Combat

Shadow Arena has new major changes to gameplay

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Jan 2021

Today Pearl Abyss made a huge change to Shadow Arena, removing battle royale in favor of 3v3 combat. With this change comes a massive shift in the massive, diving roles into 3 categories.

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Heroes are now divided into three distinct roles:

Brawler has high life/defense skills and uses strong crowd control and rush skills to lead battles, but is limited in attack range. Brawler Heroes include: Schultz, Goyen, Jordine Ducas

Dealer is a fast and mobile class with high damage skills but has low HP and defense stats. Dealer Heroes include: Yeonhwa, Haru, Orowen, Ahon

Support focuses on buffs and healing party members, but is not a strong 1v1 combatant. Support Hero includes: Herawen

Shadow Arena is now available for PC.

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