Skyrim IRL Creator Accused Of Killing Wife In Tragic Shooting

Ali Abulaban was arrested, under the accusations of fatally shooting and killing his wife, Ana.

By Daavpuke, Posted 27 Oct 2021

The laws of probability have unfortunately hit the content creation world once more. Yesterday, the LA Times reported that Ali Abulaban was arrested, under the accusations of fatally shooting and killing his wife, Ana, as well as bystander Rayburn Cadenas Barron.

Ali, 29, is mostly known for their Skyrim In Real Life (IRL) videos, which got millions of views across social media. With their biggest platform being TikTok, accruing well over 900,000 subscribers, the couple recreated the slightly buggy, nonsensical scenes that can emerge in The Elder Scrolls series, under the name JinnKid.

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It is said that Ali had installed software on the couple's child's tablet, which allowed Ali to listen in. Making matters worse, the creator did so while trashing their estranged wife's apartment. Hours later, after overhearing another voice, Ali returned to the scene with a weapon, where it is said they shot Barron three times, before fatally shooting Ana. While Ali reportedly confessed to their mother, they were arrested not much later, near the Interstate, with the couple's 5-year-old child in the vehicle. While Ali was suspicious of their wife cheating, the prosecutor has said that Barron was a friend.

Despite these above circumstances, the creator known as JinnKid has pleaded not guilty on two counts of murder. If found guilty, Ali could be sentenced to the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

Three days prior to the shooting, Ana had asked Ali to leave, seemingly getting ready for a divorce. There was also a prior history of domestic violence involved, with plans of a restraining order that had not yet been materialized.

JinnKid is not the first tragic content creator story to end in a fatality. YouTuber Christina Grimmie was fatally shot at a meet and greet by a deranged fan in 2016. Monalisa Perez, together with her husband Peter Ruiz, was involved in a fatal shooting as well. The couple had a plan of extreme stunts go wrong, where Monalisa fatally shot Peter while attempting to shoot a gun at point-blank range through a book.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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