New Update for Stolen Realm Adds Endless Mode

Stolen Realm, the turn-based tactical RPG and dungeon crawler looter, now has an infinite mode!

By Rayan, Posted 20 Apr 2022

With today's update, all maps will have modifiers that considerably raise the difficulty and significantly boost the prizes. These distinct factors make each end-game duel unique. For example, Lethal Life causes you to lose HP every fight, so you'll have to be fast! With Abominable Allies, you'll battle two bosses instead of one. The new end-game material for an everlasting struggle will test the mightiest heroes' bands.


This update also introduces a new loot tier system: items will now be capped at level 30, and higher quest levels will drop additional tiers (Lvls 30-40 Tier 1, 40-50 T2, 50-60 T3). The newest Stolen Realm update includes various quality-of-life improvements, bug patches, and balance modifications.

In Stolen Realm, you lead a group of up to six heroes in single-player or online co-op adventures in a low-poly, high-fantasy environment. Choose your weapon, abilities, and magic as a fighter, thief, ranger, or wizard – or construct your character to suit your playstyle. Players can choose their course between battles, plot events, resource collection, stores, fights, and treasure chambers until they reach the adventure's ultimate boss.

Players can either choose to be a Shadow Knight or a spellcaster assassin. With the game's many systems and customizable choices, you may invest in a single skill tree or mix and match across the 8 skill trees. Use mythological maces and cursed swords for gaining greater power at the risk of your own life.

Players can decide their plans to use all of their tactical instruments. They can use their abilities and talents to split and shatter your adversaries or slip past enemy lines to deliver the deadly backstab. Players get to prove their strategic talents in fast-paced simultaneous team turn-based combat where every choice counts – alone or in online co-op dungeon-crawling adventures with buddies!

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For those who don't know about Stolen Realm, it features up to 6 players online co-op. This approach allows you to journey as a team or a group of 6 with "per-character" scaling. There are over 240 talents in 8 skill trees for comprehensive character customization. The game has easy navigation and aiming with a fixed camera on a hex-based grid, including combat shrines, exploding barrels, and moveable crates. Players can choose a course between combat, plot events, resource collection, stores, fights, and treasure chambers until they reach the ultimate boss.

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