BioWare Revealed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

BioWare will take us to the lands of Thedas for their next Dragon Age: Dreadwolf adventure.

By Rayan, Posted 03 Jun 2022

The next video game from BioWare has been given its official label. They have announced that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be the official title of the upcoming adventure that will take place over the continent of Thedas.

Those who have followed the story will know that the Dreadwolf is a metaphor for Solas. Solas is a magical party member and a possible love interest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. BioWare has published an official blog post short on specifics but goes into more fabulous into Solas' narrative.

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Who is the Dread Wolf? Solas is also known as the Dread Wolf. Many believe he was an old Elven deity, while others argue this is not the case. Others have described him as a traitor to his countrymen or a hero who once saved them. But now wants to do it at the expense of his planet. Because his motivations are a mystery and his tactics are, at times, dubious, he has earned a reputation as something of a trickster god — a player of games that are both sinister and potentially harmful.

Using Solas's moniker undoubtedly conveys a spectrum of unlimited options on where things may go, regardless of whether players are new to the Dragon Age storylines or have experienced all of them. If this is anyone's first time playing Dragon Age, they don't need to be concerned about not having come across the main antagonist. There was a clue about his comeback when BioWare made the announcement for #TheDreadWolfRise back in 2018, but he won't formally unveil himself until the timing is just perfect.

Later this year, there will be more Dragon Age: Dreadwolf content.  BioWare is getting closer and closer to that next adventure, even though the game will not be released this year. We may be sure that Solas is now arranging his pieces on the board even as we speak. 

For the time being, that's all we've got for the time being, but stay tuned later this year when we'll be discussing the game more. What do you think #Dreadwolf could mean, though?

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
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