Sam Lake Regrets Not Thinking Twice About Being the Face of Max Payne

The creator of the Alan Wake series comes forward about the reality of being the face of Max Payne.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 30 Oct 2023

Alan Wake’s recent sequel is making a lot of noise these days. While most people are fine with the quality they have with the second game of the franchise, some people are not happy with the frame rate issues they encounter with the semi-recent PC they built. In some way, Alan Wake 2 is the turning point for people to ditch their old components for the new ones as technology to run games becomes more and more demanding every day. The creator of the well-known thriller title, Sam Lake was recently interviewed by a popular men’s magazine and it revealed information about Max Payne.

As we all know, Rockstar’s well-known, loved but forgotten franchise, Max Payne had very dark roots at the beginning. Although the first two games are very different from the third and final games, they are thought to be more charming due to their atmosphere and being able to connect with the protagonist because of how their story is told. The game’s story and unforgettable gameplay aside, there was another factor in the first two games, and it was Max’s face. It struck quite a punch with the looks and with limited hardware capabilities, it looks very out of place nowadays.

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During the interview, Sam Lake was asked the question of his appearance in the Max Payne franchise. He might be the head of the giant game corporation right now, but that does not mean some decisions he made previously do not bother him. People do know Sam Lake for being the face of a popular character, however, Lake would have thought about it for a quite about being the face of Max if he knew his appearance would get popularized quite a lot. Now that there is an upcoming remake of Max Payne, things might go south quickly for Sam Lake if he tries to use his face for the upcoming remakes.

In the interview, he was also asked about the connection between Alan Wake 2’s storyline and how it is closely related to his own experiences. Sam Lake answered this question vaguely as well, stating that is too naive to think about the connections. Overall, there are some things Sam Lake wished that he would have thought about deeply, but it is currently too late for the timeline. Max Payne is known for his face and expressions and there is no turning back

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
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