Monochroma Has A Stylish Collector's Edition And It Looks Exactly Like This

Apparently, Monochroma has a snazzy Collector's Edition. We would've known sooner, were it not for customs.

By Daavpuke, Posted 16 Jun 2014

It’s been forever since we did one of these, but we’ve just received a surprise in the mail today and we thought we’d share it with you again. We like nice things, but not as much as we like showing you nice things.

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

Anyway, platform puzzle game Monochroma game seems to have a Collector’s Edition and it’s pretty classy. According to the game’s Kickstarter page, only a few dozen of these were made and it had a sizable value. We don’t know why we randomly deserved this, but we’re humbled and thankful we’d get sent one, though we didn’t ask for anything. This was actually meant to be sent to us a month ago, because it comes with a review code, but it was held at customs for a month, in order to shake us down for tax. If you ever wanted proof that customs is a dumb scam that actually harms consumer mail delivery... Luckily, we already reviewed Monochroma on time and loved it. You can read about this stylish dystopia in our review.

Anyway, again, the Collector’s Edition comes in a weighted box, which makes up for a lot of the actual content’s mass and aside from the part where customs tried to physically cut into it through the wrong side, looks slick and perfect for a bookend somewhere. Did we mention customs is a stupid thing? Moving on, the box is sealed with an invisible magnetic strip latch to improve this flat finish.

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

It opens to reveal yet more “M” marked goods. One is a personalized card, bearing yours truly’s name for some reason, which comes with the review code for Monochroma. Behind it, there’s a hardcover book.

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

In the book, a ton of artwork is displayed on thick, glossy paper. This isn’t some flimsy artbook; it’s the other half of this multi-pound package. Additionally, it goes further than just showing concept art and other illustrations. Through its many pages, the entire process of the game’s development and its ideas is revealed. It’s a truly interesting insight on a local development effort. That alone is worth its money, if you backed this on Kickstarter.

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

Behind the artbook, a latch opens up more goodies waiting in the back of the weighted box. There’s a Monochroma DVD case with a game disc on one end and the full soundtrack on the other side. On the back of the box, it thanks you for standing up against tyranny.

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

Taking that out reveals two more, normal booklets with gloss finish. One is a comic detailing some of the background story in Monochroma. From what we understand from the comic and the game itself, it’s some sort of reverse Easter egg, which makes sense of something you’ll see in the game.

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

Its final element is a survival kit that’s essentially a full walkthrough with level plan, all the puzzles and how to act to progress.

Monochroma,PC,Indie,Collector's Edition,Unboxing

Feel free to send us more spontaneous stuff like this. We’ll keep posting it up for your viewing pleasure. Just, maybe don’t make it quite as bulky and heavy as this Monochroma Collector’s Edition. When we first got it, we thought someone finally sent us a bomb over that Dark Souls review we did. No regrets.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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