Endless Space 2 Gets Free Weekend, Galactic Statecraft Update Now Live

Endless Space 2 receives new diplomacy options, constellation control bonuses and a whole array of other changes.

By Woozie, Posted 16 Nov 2017

Endless Space 2 has been receiving a steady stream of updates and its latest, named Galactic Statecraft, just went live today. Diplomacy is the first thing to get some love as players now have the option to leave an alliance, after a member declares war, resetting relationships with all involved parties to Cold War level. A coordination tool allows for pings on the map to make one's intentions, like attacking or defending a certain spot, known. The AI both reacts to player-issued pings and places those of its own. More expansion-minded players will now gain a FIDSI bonus upon controlling an entire constellation.

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The Empire Chronicles feature now records all completed games, allowing players to revisit the final scoreboard and victory cutscenes. Pirates also received some changes. They are no longer spawned by minor factions. Instead, they come out of Pirate Lairs which can be found on neutral planets. These can be destroyed by engaging in a ground battle and may award loot. Minor factions now spawn static fleets of their own to defend their home system. There are a pretty large number of other changes, including a complete weapon re-balancing. You can check them out by having a look at the full patch notes. Endless Space 2 benefits from a free weekend even on Steam for the next 4 days. Alongside it, the game is 50% cheaper until November 22nd, making it available for 19,99€ or your regional equivalent.

For my thoughts on the game, give our Endless Space 2 Review a read.

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