Kingdom Hearts III Singer Hikaru Utada Performance will be Viewable on VR Tomorrow

Watch Simple and Clean performed by Hikaru Utada in VR tomorrow

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Jan 2019

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has some of the best music in the gaming world and PSVR owners will get a special treat tomorrow. Square Enix is providing those with a VR headset the chance to experience 2 sons from Hikaru Utada for free.

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The two songs that Utada sings are “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts and “Don’t Think Twice” from Kingdom Hearts III. This won't be a 360-degree concert but in 180. Director Wataru Takeishi had to say about the choice in the presentation:

“You may think that VR video equals 360-degree video, but I do not think it is necessarily the case. It is less than 180° that you can see in this video, and if you look behind you, you only see black. But when people watch a concert, they don’t usually look behind themselves. We challenged ourselves to make realistic images in the viewable range rather than making a 360-degree video.”

Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the latest trailer here.

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