Super Bomberman R Xbox One X Review

If you come into Super Bomberman R expecting a Bomberman game you’ll love it.

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Jul 2018

Super Bomberman R is what you would expect from the franchise. A mediocre story with more of its longevity dependent on its multiplayer. It offers a lot of customization options and reasons to keep playing but if you’ve played any Bomberman Super Bomberman R won’t feel any different.

Super Bomberman R’s story has the Bomberman Bros. traveling to multiple worlds to stop the 6 Dastardly Bombers and their leader Emperor Buggler from destroying the universe. Each world has you taking on a series of challenge stages that include defeating enemies, collecting key items, hitting switches, and saving civilians. Each stage ends with a boss fight in a traditional game of Bomber, with the boss using a unique ability, before a 3D battle begins.

All the boss fights are unique, and the stages are what you would expect from a Bomberman game. Nothing stood out as amazing, but it was a servable “Save the World” campaign. Strangely an additional level is available when you beat the campaign that serves as a separate level outside the story. It’s a welcome addition and more challenging than the previous levels but it does seem out of place from the core story.

Difficulty options are available to increase the challenge. It does make for some intense boss battles, but season veterans of the franchise will have no problem with this mode. If you have a friend, you can play the entire campaign in cooperative play with is an excellent addition considering the story follows a team of Bombermen.

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Multiplayer serves as the bulk of Super Bomberman R. Players can choose between quick play and competitive modes, with a team Grand Prix option available for the more competitive players. You can earn a variety of cosmetic items to change your Bomberman or a Konami character such as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill or Anubis from Zone of the Enders. Since coins are provided at a generous rate player will always have new things to unlock, whether it’s special items for their Bomberman or new stages to play on. In addition, Konami has been updating the game with new options frequently enough to ensure a fresh selection of items to unlock.

As you might expect you can customize the experience whatever way you wish. With options available for item variety, time limits, how many players, and so much more. It’s relatively simple to start a private lobby and invite players to custom games.

Super Bomberman R doesn’t push the franchise further, but it gives what fans of the series would expect. It does deliver a solid Bomberman experience with an excellent multiplayer and a standard campaign coupled with a lot to unlock. Just don’t come into Super Bomberman R expecting a revolutionary title. If you come into Super Bomberman R expecting a Bomberman game you’ll love it.

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