Nine Sols: How to Find the Treasure Hidden in Immortal's Portrait

Find the Hidden Treasure!

By nine_toes, Posted 11 Jun 2024

As you continue to explore this game, at one point, ShuanShuan and Abacus will be gathered around the Immortal's Portrait, and once you speak to them, Abacus will let you know that it is secretly a treasure map. The poem can be confusing but worry not as this guide walks you through everything you need to do.

Item Nine Sols

You need the skill, Cloud Leap, in order for this treasure to be accessible. If you haven’t unlocked it already, you should since it comes handy in in both exploration and combat.

Cloud Leap Nine Sols

The only words that actually tell you where to find the treasure are “Eastern” and “Grotto” and as you may have already guessed, you have to go to the East (or right) side of your map and go to Grotto of Scriptures (Entry) by teleporting or running to the node that is in there.

Location Nine Sols

Once you are at this point, keep jumping up until you are at the top, and then double jump!

Treasure!! Nine Sols

You will find yourself in a room full of treasure chests, all of which giving you a total of about 2000 Jin. Neat!

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