Fall Guys Reveals Unique Portal 2 Skin

Fall Guys has been quickly rising in popularity, and many other gaming companies are getting small nods, such as the new Portal 2 skin.

By Kiemour, Posted 23 Aug 2020
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been rocketing in popularity since its release on PlayStation Plus earlier in August. The game is a battle royale with a unique spin, making players navigate Wipeout style obstacles and races. 
These amorphous blobs that serve as players' avatars seem to bounce and fold seamlessly, making the game more wholesome and entertaining. With the quick increase in popularity, many streamers have begun to feature the game, as it is enjoyable to watch as well as play. As more streamers show off the game, other game companies are trying to get in on the action. 
The easiest way to do this is through the customized skins, including clothing and hats for the blobs to wear in-game. The most recent tie-in skin was a nod to the Portal 2 universe, featuring one of the testing robots known as P-Body. This skin was originally an exclusive gift to the statistically best Fall Guys player, known as DrLupo. 
Fall Guys, Twitter, P-Body
Soon after he had revealed the skin, Fall Guys posted on their Twitter page that the skin was available in the gamstore for anyone to buy. Most of Fall Guys' new skins have tied into Valve games, such as bringing in Team Fortress outfits, Gordon Freeman from Half Life, as well as Alyx, the most recent Valve game.  
However, P-Body breaks free from the traditional skins, as the new skin covers the entirety of the avatar's body. Usually, costumes are made up of headpieces and bottoms, allowing players to mix and match. Making this costume hide the face entirely will likely be a one-time thing, as the Fall Guys have been complimented for their wholesome faces.
As for future skins, some may feature nods to specific corporate logos, such as the game's creator, Mediatonic. The company has offered a skin to whoever donates the most to the non-profit, Special Effect, causing a wholesome bidding war among players. 
Although it is clear why many companies want to be featured in Fall Guys, as the game is appealing to players of all ages across PC and PlayStation 4. Creating a unique in-game skin is a perfect chance to advertise, especially in a game that so many are enjoying at the moment. 
A lot still remains to be seen about the game's future, such as whether or not new maps will be added to increase interest, or if the developers focus on skins, if not both. Regardless, all that players do know is that P-Body from Portal is now available for purchase, and it looks pretty impressive.
Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed
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