Turn-Based RPG, The Iron Oath Begins its Early Access Journey

The Iron Oath, the humble Games' turn-based RPG is now available with a new roadmap.

By Rayan, Posted 19 Apr 2022

Caelum is a dynamic medieval fantasy world where anything may happen. The Iron Oath, a turn-based tactical RPG developed by Humble Games and Curious Panda Games, has been made available for Early Access on PC through the Humble Store and Steam.

Curious Panda Games, the developer studio, has published an early access launch trailer and a plan for the game's future to commemorate the occasion. You may find more artwork for "The Iron Oath" on this page.

The Iron Oath, Turn-Based RPG, Steam, Humble Store, Early Access, Curious Panda Games

The Iron Oath's turn-based tactical role-playing game takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. In The Iron Oath, a turn-based tactical RPG, the destiny of your mercenary group is in your hands. Your firm needs to survive, flourish, and establish its reputation in the harsh region of Caelum if you are the head of a band of warriors for hire.

Each new game in Caelum's dynamic universe is surprising and distinct, with new narratives and characters to uncover as the years pass. What's in store for your business?

The Iron Oath features a tactical battle with a significant financial stake where players' success depends on a well-thought-out strategy and flawless execution. Players can use destructible items, and hostile adversaries make a single blunder to end their party's chances of victory.

Time's relentless march is unavoidable in The Iron Oath. As players travel the globe, the mercenaries will become older and retire or die in the long run, so they'll have to change their tactics to keep up.

The Iron Oath puts players in an ever-changing world as the Caelum is a vast expanse. There are noble houses that'll compete for control, resulting in new and unexpected possibilities and risks.

The Iron Oath, Turn-Based RPG, Steam, Humble Store, Early Access, Curious Panda Games

Players will have to organize their guild members, their funds, and the political ties that bind them. They can earn money and notoriety by executing contracts for Caelum's competing factions and investing in their organization's advancement. The weakest link determines the strength of an iron chain. So players will have to recruit a diverse group of soldiers, rogues, and magic users and become a force to be reckoned with by increasing their strength, customizing, and complementing their talents.

Finally, The Iron Oath will put players to make tough choices, and the route they choose may not always be well-liked. Their decisions will affect the destiny of their mercenaries, your corporation, and the whole of Caelum.

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