KRAFTON Teases Virtual Human, ANA

Ana is powered by hyperrealism, rigging, and deep learning and will be implemented throughout all of KRAFTON's projects.

By Rayan, Posted 15 Jun 2022

KRAFTON, Inc. has shown the first photographs of ANA, the company's hyperrealistic, rigged, and deep learning-driven virtual human creation. ANA aims to attract users from all over the world and contribute to developing KRAFTON's Web 3.0 ecosystem. Since KRAFTON disclosed its first goal for creating a virtual person in February of this year via a technological demonstration, ANA is the first virtual human the company has designed and is planning to release.

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KRAFTON's internal research and development efforts have resulted in the creation of a virtual human that has the potential to be accepted and approved by audiences located all over the globe. The hyperrealism production technology of Unreal Engine was used to build ANA, and ANA boldly shows a hyper-realistic look, which blurs the distinctions between a synthetic figure and a natural person. 

ANA's appearance is absolutely distinct from any other virtual human that is now attainable via different technologies. She has human-like characteristics, such as baby hairs and fluff on her skin. The very cutting-edge face rigging technology not only permits the natural joint movement throughout the complete body but also allows for the sensitive expression of the movement of the pupil, fine facial muscles, and wrinkles. Additionally, deep learning technologies, such as improved voice synthesis, help develop an artificially intelligent voice for ANA, enabling her to behave and sing precisely as a real person would.

"ANA is a hyper-realistic virtual person produced by the cutting-edge technology that KRAFTON has. We anticipate that she will capture the attention and gain the favor of members of Generation Z all over the globe" - The Head of the Creative Center at KRAFTON, Josh Seokjin Shin, made this statement. "ANA will be releasing an original music track and increase her scope of activity as an influencer into numerous areas across entertainment and esports," he continued. "ANA will also expand her scope of action as an influencer into various areas throughout the gaming industry."

Later this year, further information on ANA, including photographs, films, and her distinctive narrative arc, will be disclosed.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
Editor, NoobFeed

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