Shinobi Rising - A New Japanese Cyberpunk Universe of Katana-Ra

Katana-Ra, a cyberpunk realm influenced by Japanese culture, has a brand new PC game called Shinobi Rising.

By Rayan, Posted 10 Sep 2022

Inde Developer and Publisher W.R.K.S Games has introduced Shinobi Rising, a new PC game set in the Japanese-inspired cyberpunk universe of Katana-Ra. Shinobi Rising puts players in the role of a ninja tasked with unraveling the mystery of who killed a young heiress. Find the answers to mysteries and deduce the truth. Use your ninja abilities in stealthy battles to vanquish your foes or just to outwit them. With its beautiful stylized visuals and exciting plot, Shinobi Rising is a perfect introduction to the exciting new Katana-Ra gaming world and is guaranteed to keep players interested.

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The first PC game set in the Katana-Ra Universe, where traditional Japanese culture and cutting-edge Cyberpunk technology meet, is called Shinobi Rising. The Unreal Engine 5-powered 3D side-scrolling Shinobi Rising will focus on stealth and detective-style gameplay. The whole game takes place over a single night, and the protagonist is tasked with unraveling a murder mystery to discover who killed the young heiress at the Kata Clan.

The PC version will launch in February 2023 through the W.R.K.S Store and Steam, with console releases following later that year. Starting in late October 2022, trailers and shop pages for wish lists will begin to roll out, and frequent gameplay trailers may be anticipated up until the release date.

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