Gear up! Super People Early Access Launches Today

The opening week of Super People Battle Royale includes a new character class, free skins, and a tournament with massive rewards.

By SnowWhite, Posted 11 Oct 2022

Super People, a Battle Royale game developed by Wonder People, has finally entered Early Access. Players all around the world may now download the game through Steam and join their favorite streams in a round of free co-op play. Upcoming Early Access events will even include free in-game items tied to several prominent streams.

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Along with the launch of Early Access comes the introduction of a whole new class. The Demolisher is a very effective soldier, equipped with both a shoulder launcher that can fire grenades and an explosive RC vehicle. Grenades not only do damage to players but also stun them, meaning that no one, not even those hiding under cover, is safe from attack. The Demolisher's remote-controlled vehicle is ideal for creeping up on foes and dropping a bomb on them from a distance.

Players who reach level 20 within the first month of Early Access will get free in-game skins based on prominent broadcasters Shroud, iitzTimmy, and chocoTaco. There will also be a Social Media Follower Event and weekly missions.  Additionally, the newly revamped Super Tournament, a key competitive feature available to all players during the Final Beta, returns for Early Access. This event garnered a lot of interest from both players and fans alike.

Beginning on October 14 and running through October 31, players level 10 and above are invited to participate in Early Access competitions. There will be a total of $1,080,000 distributed among many tournaments, with each event offering a maximum payout of $100,000. As an added bonus, all finalists will get Diamonds, the game's premium currency.

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