Dead Space Remake Pre-Orders Offer Dead Space 2 and Life-Sized Helmet

Pre-orders for Motive Studios' remake of Dead Space are open

By AlexJohn, Posted 09 Jan 2023

Isaac Clarke and the Necromorphs have been given a fresh coat of bloody paint as the esteemed survival horror Dead Space returns with a new remake. Rebuilt from the ground up by Motive Studio, Dead Space is a science fiction survival horror in which players explore the doomed mining ship USG Ishimura. Engineer Isaac Clark is one of the only survivors of a catastrophe aboard the ship and stumbles upon Ishimura's dark secrets and monstrous stowaways while searching for his girlfriend. 

Pre-orders are live for the Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's Editions. The Standard Edition contains the game and the Digital Deluxe Edition provides players with 3 unique suits and 2 suit textures. In Dead Space players will equip Isaac with a number of RIGs, mechanical outfits that aid him in his fight for survival.


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As for the Collector's Edition, it contains the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions, but also plenty of unique physical items. Available exclusively on Limited Run, the Dead Space Collector's Edition contains a lithograph print of Isaac and a foil-stamped lithograph folio; 4 mini posters of adverts and propaganda seen throughout the USG Ishimura; a steelbook case; Ishimura patch; and an enamel pin and metal 4" statue of a Marker (extraterrestrial obelisks that play a key role in the series). Lastly, cosplayers the world over will be excited to learn that the Collector's Edition also contains a full-size, wearable copy of Isaac Clarke's iconic helmet with working lights included. The Dead Space Collector's Edition costs $274.99.

Lastly, those who pre-order Dead Space on Steam will get a copy of Visceral Games' Dead Space 2 for free. 

Dead Space will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC when it releases on January 27th. 


Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
News Editor (NoobFeed)

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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): Motive Studio
Genres: Third-Person Shooter
Themes: Sci-Fi, Survival Horror
Release Date: 2023-01-27

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