For A Limited Time Overwatch 2 is Giving Away a Free Legendary Tracer Skin

Looks like in preparation for the Summer Games, Overwatch 2 is giving away a free Legendary Tracer skin.

By DShelley, Posted 22 Jun 2023

Another year, another batch of fun beach themed skins for players to put some of their favorite heroes into. This time however, players will have a chance to get a brand-new Legendary skin for Tracer completely for free, but they will have to be quick as they'll only have up to 27 June 2023 to do so.

Despite having a large roster of characters, the Overwatch sequel's shop hasn't given many players a chance to acquire any skins for free, which has understandably been criticized by players. However, things seem to be changing as players will now be able to snag a legendary skin for free. Skins are a big part of Overwatch 2, as they usually come at a high price with few methods of acquiring them.

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However, despite the criticisms, it would seem that Season 5 of Overwatch 2 has made many important changes to the game. Most notably, the fact that players can snag the new Legendary Sprinter Tracer skin from the game shop for the low price of just 0 coins. This price will sadly not last forever and players will only have a few days to claim the skin which was shown off on the official Overwatch 2 twitter account.

Players can easily claim the skin by simply accessing the shop through Overwatch 2's main menu and scrolling down to where the Sprinter Tracer skin can be found. There will be an image that shows that the skin can be purchased for 0 Overwatch coins. This is actually quite convenient as players will not have to manually select the skin and can instead just click and purchase it. Players should also keep their eyes peeled as there will be a whole new array of free items coming to the Shop after the item rotates, which will happen after 27 June 2023. As for what the next free item will be, it has been confirmed that it will be the Valkyrie Wings weapon charm.

With the release of Season 5 for Overwatch 2, aside from the new Tracer skin, this new season also brings a new season pass that will offer players an array of new themed cosmetics, which will be available until the season ends. While yes, many of the items that come with the season pass are available only on the paid, premium track of the Season 5 battle pass such as the new Mythic Adventurer Tracer skin, many of items can be claimed through regular gameplay.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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