Big Changes Coming to Xbox Achievements In 2024

According to insider reports, a significant overhaul is coming soon to the Xbox achievements system.

By DShelley, Posted 02 Jan 2024

The year has only just started, and things are already heating up. According to insider reports, there are rumors that a major overhaul is in the works for Xbox achievements, an overhaul which could be coming as soon as this year. These rumors are nothing new but still promising; if the insider is to be believed, these new additions are nearly ready for release.

As mentioned earlier, these rumors have been circulating for quite some time now, but we've recently reignited by a patch to address achievement issues. This patch was rolled out towards the end of 2023 and made very substantial fixes to issues that many users were experiencing. The update's main focus was to fix the achievement issues coming from Game Pass subscribers. Much like in any other platform, achievements play a major part in Xbox's platform, and by the looks of it, Microsoft has been keeping quite a close eye on these achievements. Despite Microsoft's dedication to the Xbox achievements, it sadly lags behind its competitors, namely the lack of platinum achievements.

Xbox Achievement

One of Xbox's insiders, Shpeshal Nick, recently reported on a rumor that implied that Xbox was nearing the completion of a new overhaul for its achievement system and that users could expect these changes to be implemented sometime in 2024. It should be noted that Shpeshal Nick didn't mention that it would be released in full, but it is more than likely we will hear news of these changes in the coming months. Sadly, not much else was shared as the insider did not tell us what changes would happen, but it is safe to say it has something to do with platinum achievements.

While these are just rumors, they do link up with what was previously confirmed in a statement made by Xbox's head, Phil Spencer, when discussing the platform's future, where he addressed that the platform's achievement system was one of the many changes that needed to be made to the platform. The timeframe for these changes also makes sense as 2024 seems to be a huge year for the platform with titles such as Avowed, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and, of course, Hellblade 2. All these games will undoubtedly help expand Game Pass, which already has a rather impressive library,. With the new achievement overhaul on the horizon, this will greatly improve subscribers' experiences with the service.

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