Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Could Give Classic Characters Bigger Roles

The director for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Naoki Hamaguchi, reveals that the upcoming sequel will give older characters more important roles.

By DShelley, Posted 07 Jan 2024

"Warning! The article Will Contain Spoilers for Final Fantasy VII Remake"

Remakes can truly make an old game shine; with older games no longer being limited by old hardware, developers can finally flesh out a game's world and the characters that inhabit it. Recently, the director for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Naoki Hamaguchi, revealed that legacy characters such as Zack Fair will play a much larger role in the second installment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, which nears closer and closer to release.

Zack Fair will not be the only character who will be receiving an upgrade as many of the returning supporting cast and party members, such as Cid Highwind, Vincent Valentine, and Cait Sith, which will notably have a new set of battle mechanics, will hopefully not be as frustrating as the original. As exciting as this is, the spotlight remains on Zack Fair because, unlike in the original game where Shinra Troops tragically killed him, Zack is alive and well thanks to the new altered timeline of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, which means we get to see more of Cloud's mentor.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy

It should be noted that this isn't the first time the developers of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have hinted that Zack Fair has a more substantial role in the game. More recently, Naoki Hamaguchi shared more information on the dark-haired hero in a recent interview held by Game Informer. Hamaguchi stated that the role Zack played was "immensely important" to the world of Final Fantasy VII and that with his return, players will have a chance to get a much deeper understanding of it, politically, as well as experiences that defined Zack.

Zack surviving his encounter with the Shinra Troops is just one of the many changes made to the original timeline. We know that these changes occur due to Cloud and his party defeating the Whispers at the end of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Whispers are powerful spectral beings meant to keep the trilogy's timeline in check. That's not to say we don't have some idea as to what to expect, as many of the game's trailers have shared glimpses of Zack Fair's new role in the game's story, even hinting at the fact he may even be playable.

Sadly, the director was incredibly tight-lipped about any other details about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's story or other changes made to the timeline, with just a drastic change, who knows what else Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have in store for players.

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