Have you ever wanted to own a weapon used by the legendary Commander Shepard? Well now you can, Bioware has revealed a M-77 Paladin pistol replica for pre-order.

The fake space gun weighs 7lbs, hand finished and painted. Only 200 of these commodities will exist worldwide and will cost you $400. $200 is required to reserve your copy and $200, plus shipping and handling, when it's released. It’s expensive but when the Reapers invade you'll be glad you have something like this at your side.

Bioware has included a disclaimer before purchasing the item that you should read: "(Due to the nature of this item, international shipments could be confiscated by your country's Customs Agency and cannot be refunded in these circumstances. Please use caution before ordering.)"

Source: Bioware Store

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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