The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Five - No Going Back Release Date Revealed

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Five - No Going Back releasing at the end of August

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Aug 2014

Telltale Games have announced that the last episode of The Walking Dead Season Two will launch on PC, Mac, PS3, and Vita on August 26. Xbox 360 players will be able to experience the final episode on August 27 and iOS users on August 28.

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Called "No Going Back" the trailer released today contains spoilers for season one and two of The Walking Dead, surprising no new information about episode five way shown. It does contain a home video of Clementine before the outbreak and before she met Lee.

If you've played this season, be sure to check out our reviews. If you're on Twitter you can tell others about your Clementine with the hashtag #MyClementine.

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