New Watch Dogs Campaign DLC Coming September, Season Pass Holders Get it Early

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC lets you play as T-Bone on September 30.

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Sep 2014

A new hero is stepping into the spotlight as the new lead character for Ubisoft's next piece of DLC for their hacking adventure game Watch Dogs. Called Bad Blood, players will take control of bearded hacker Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney as he takes one last job before leaving Chicago. 

Ubisoft said on its UbiBlog that T-Bone was chosen because he "is an old-school hacker and engineer heavily linked to ctOS. He's got a rebel spirit and can take care of himself in a fight. He has an unexplored backstory that gives him a solid reason to fight. And he represents that 'maker culture' of hacking, which brings new machines and gadgets to our game."

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Bad Blood will introduce a new supporting character - a remote-controlled mini-car called Eugene. Equipped with "cool gadgets", this tiny car can sneak past enemies and pass through small gaps to reach locations T-Bone cannot. Eugene can hack anything and can be upgraded with a stun gun or self-destruction mechanism. If destroyed T-Bone can craft a new RC car using the right components. Also new to Bad Blood will be armed security cameras that can be hacked and used against foes.

Taking place after the events of the main campaign, T-Bone's last mission is to plant a false trail for the ctOS, preventing it from finding him. Things don't go according to plan when an old friend, Tobias Frewer, calls T-Bone, leaving him with the decision to either change his lifestyle or risk everything for a friend. 

New outdoor and indoor areas will be available to explore in Bad Blood, as well as new Street Sweep contracts. These contracts will have T-Bone taking on the gangs of Chicago by protecting witnesses, destroying property and killing gang members. Completing these missions will unlock exclusive abilities for T-Bone and gain notoriety. With the Street Sweep manager new missions are generated constantly for the player to tackle alone or cooperatively. 

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Bad Blood is set to release on September 23 for season pass holders and September 30 for all other players. The DLC will include ten new missions set throughout the open world of Chicago. For more on Watch Dogs check out our full review.

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