Bandai Namco reveals Slashy Souls, a Dark Souls-inspired endless runner

The game launches tomrrow on iOS and Android

By c_rake, Posted 27 Feb 2016

After filing a trademark last year for “Slashy Souls,” it was inevitable that a mobile entry in From Software’s Souls franchise was coming. Today Bandai Namco revealed the game via an exclusive with Polygon. Slashy Souls is being made in partnership with GameStop and will launch tomorrow for iOS and Android.

Though it shares the Souls moniker, Bandai Namco pointed out that Slashy Souls is merely inspired by the Souls series. It’s not a proper entry, having no direct connections to Dark Souls, save for some familiar concepts and enemies.

Slashy Souls,Dark Souls

The game is an endless runner. The gameplay video on Polygon shows a knight running through forests and ruins cutting down skeletons and avoiding traps, occasionally rolling backward to dodge enemy attacks. The game promises to include weapons, spells, bosses, and more from the Dark Souls series. Bandai Namco did not say whether the game was free-to-play or a paid app.

Callum Rakestraw, NoobFeed.

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