Endless Space 2 Release Date Announced

Endless Space 2 will leave Early Access in a bit over a month.

By Woozie, Posted 13 Apr 2017

Endless Space 2 has been in Early Access since October of last year. During this time, Amplitude Studios have been busy at work, delivering pretty consistent updates. The latest update brought multiplayer, alongside the game's 7th faction, the Riftborn, reworks and balance changes. With this in mind, the developers have gone to Facebook to announce that Endless Space 2 will leave Early Access on the 19th of May, 2017.

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With all its new factions and systems, Endless Space 2 is, indeed, shaping up to be one of the important titles of the year. Have a look at our Endless Space 2 Early Access Preview to see our initial thoughts on the game. Also, let us know which faction will you conquer the galaxy first as.

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