Endless Space 2 Unveils Eight Playable Faction

The Unfallen join the Endless Space 2 roster as the final playable faction available on release day.

By Woozie, Posted 09 May 2017

As Endless Space 2 comes closer to its full release, Amplitude Studios have unveiled the game's eight major faction. The Unfallen, are basically space tree-people with a knack for pacifism. Having a close relationship with fire, knowing it both as Fire-That-Renews and Fire-That-Destroys, they took to the stars after witnessing a skirmish in their homeworld's skies. This, of course, disturbed their peaceful existence in which they carefully examined their ancient home planet of Koyasil.

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The Unfallen are led by Arasch, First Of Seconds who "seeks harmony and strives for a galaxy that learns to live together like the biosphere of a giant, intertwined forest." They colonize adjacent planets by sending Vineships which place beacons that draw the Vines from their homeworld. You can read a lot more on their lore, see the prologue trailer and 3D models of Unfallen ships on their wiki page. Endless Space 2 is set to release on May 19th.

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