Dissidia AC Is Finally Coming To The PS4 As Dissidia NT

The game that redefined Brawler mechanics is now coming to the PlayStation 4 after a long wait.

By UletheVee4, Posted 08 Jun 2017

SQUARE ENIX announced that the long awaited sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy  (Which was dubbed as Arcade or AC by the fans), and a personal most expected title, will now make its North American debut on the PlayStation 4 in early 2018 with the title of DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY NT. Developed in partnership with veteran fighting game studio Team NINJA from KOEI TECMO GAMES, this team-based brawler pits legendary heroes and villains from the FINAL FANTASY franchise together in epic and strategic team battles.

Offering strategic online and offline play, players can select from over 20 characters that range from heroes to villains of Final Fantasy games (From I to XIV) and familiar summons, including Ifrit, Shiva and Odin, to bring into 3 vs. 3 battles. The game also brings back the DISSIDIA series’ unique “bravery combat system,” alongside unparalleled visuals and team based strategic gameplay.

There will also be a deep dive panel with Producer Ichiro Hazama, Director Takeo Kujiraoka, Justin Wong of Echo Fox and K-Brad at the E3 Coliseum on Tuesday June 13th @ 3:15 p.m. (Pacific).  To show the ins and outs of the game, for now. Take a look at the trailer that comes with the game announcement! We’ll be offering more details regarding its gameplay and mechanics as soon as they are released for the public.

Javier Ulises, NoobFeed

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