The First DLC For Endless Space 2 Adds The Vaulters As A Playable Faction

The Vaulters DLC for Endless Space 2 will be available next week.

By Woozie, Posted 18 Jan 2018

Since its release last year, Endless Space 2 has received content in the form of four free updates. Today, Amplitude Studios have announced the first paid DLC for the game which will add The Vaulters as a playable faction. A scientist/militarist factions, the Vaulters can teleport fleets from one Vaulter system to another and have a unique take on colonization. They can only colonize planets using the Argosy. Colonization is instantaneous and does not go through the outpost phase. After a colonization is completed, a cooldown period kicks off before another one can be done. The longer the cooldown period, the longer the Golden Age on the newly colonized world will last, giving bonuses to FIDSI. Should the Argosy be defeated, it will teleport to its home system and initiate repairs.

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The Sisters Of Mercy will also join the Endless Space 2 universe as a minor faction. Another important addition will be pirate diplomacy. Getting in the pirates' good graces will allow players to place markers on certain targets, thus drawing pirate ships to said markers. An update to Endless Space 2 was also released today, adding the content from the previously held Community Challenge. Thus, a new galaxy type, a new hero and new weapons have been added, alongside other things.

The Vaulters DLC for Endless Space 2 will release next week, on January 25th. It can now be pre-ordered for the discounted price of 9,89€ or your regional equivalent. Have a look at the Prologue trailer.

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