Tsukuyomi is Coming to Smite

The Japanese Moon God is coming to the Battleground

By TKras98, Posted 20 Jul 2020

Today, during the Summer Game Fest July Showcase, Hi-Rez did not only show off the Beta for their upcoming Rogue Company, but they also revealed the next God coming to Smite: Tsukuyomi.


In Japanese Mythology, Tsukuyomi is the God of the Moon and estranged husband to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. Tsukuyomi believes in strict laws and order, sometimes to a dangerous degree. This is a bizarrely ironic realization: Tsukuyomi wants to uphold the ideals of the Divine Court no matter the cost, and will go as far as to break the laws of the court to kill someone who defies it. When Tsukuyomi killed the Kami of Food after witnessing her create a feast by spitting food up or pulling it out of her bodily orifices, Amaterasu banned him from the heavens, creating the cycle of Day and Night that we know today.

Now, Tskuyomi is coming to the Battleground of the Gods in order to restore the order that has been ruined by the arrival of Cthulhu. Will Tsukuyomi be able to restore order, or will his conflict with Amaterasu get in the way? What his role will be on the Battleground of the Gods is not entirely certain, but based on his weaponry from the cinematic trailer, Tsukuyomi will probably be an Assassin or a Warrior. 

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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